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OneNote Clipper is an app that makes it easy to clip from the web and is available on all major browsers. Clip products you want to buy, important news articles, blog posts of interest, tantalizing recipes, research and data for homework or reports — anything on the web you want to capture and put into OneNote.

To capture just a portion of the screen, press WINDOWS+SHIFT+S. For more information, see Capture the screen.

Overview of clipping from the web

Note: The steps to using OneNote Clipper are different on each browser. To install OneNote Clipper on other browsers besides Internet Explorer, open the other browser, and then go to OneNote Clipper. To use OneNote Clipper from the Windows 10 Edge browser, click More actions ..., and then choose Open in Internet Explorer.

Clip by using OneNote Clipper on Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer, right click on the browser page and choose Send to OneNote.

  2. The Select Location in OneNote dialog box appears:

    • To quickly send the page to the default location, the Quick Notes notebook, and then click OK.

    • To choose a different notebook or section, under Recent Picks or All Notebooks select what you want.

    • To choose a different default location, click Always send Web notes to the selected location (customizable later in OneNote options)

    The Select Location in OneNote dialog box


  • OneNote Clipper extracts text from the web page, and in some cases reformats pages that include articles, recipes, and products.

  • All clips include a link back to the original web site located at the bottom of the OneNote page.

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