Check spelling and grammar in Word Online

Everyone makes typos and mistakes with spelling and grammar. Fortunately, Word Online makes them easy to find and fix.

While you're working, if you type a word that Word Online doesn’t recognize, it puts a red, wavy line under it. Grammatical errors get a blue, double underline:

Word indicates spelling and grammar errors with colored underlines

Right-click the underlined word to make the correction (or ignore the suggestion).

Tip: There's no way in Word Online to add your own words to the spelling dictionary, but you can choose to ignore suggestions, and you can turn off proofing tools.

Turning off proofing tools

To prevent Word Online from putting colored lines under text -- and turn off spelling and grammar check, do this: 

  1. Select the text you don't want checked. Select a portion of your document or the whole thing.

  2. Right-click, and choose Set Proofing Language.

    Misspelled word right-click menu Set Proofing Language option
  3. Select Don’t check spelling or grammar.

    Language dialog

Recheck text that you chose to stop checking

If you change your mind after you turn off the proofing tools, you can go back and recheck your text. Do this:

  1. Right-click a single word, or select blocks of text (even the whole document).

  2. Click Set Proofing Language.

  3. Clear the Don’t check spelling or grammar check box.

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