Change the way Microsoft Graph displays numbers, dates, and times

Automatic vs. applied formatting When you enter a number, date, or time into a cell, Microsoft Graph interprets the data and applies a built-in number, date, or time format. For example, if you enter $52.41 in a cell, Graph formats the cell as currency. To change the way existing numbers, dates, and times are displayed on the datasheet, you apply a different number format to the selected cells. Graph provides several built-in number formats, and you can create your own custom formats for numbers such as product codes.

Number formatting in charts The way numbers are formatted on a datasheet determines the way values appear in the chart. Specifically, numbers on the value axis are formatted the same way as the upper-left cell in the range of numbers that are charted. However, you can format the numbers in your chart independently of the datasheet number formatting.

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Change the number format of cells or chart items

Create custom number formats

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