Change the color of a page in OneNote for Mac

You can change the background color of any page in your notebook — either for aesthetic purposes or to make your notes easier to read.

Apply a color to the background of the current page

Do the following:

  • On the View tab, click Paper Color, and then click the background color you want to apply to the current page.

    Tip: To distinguish a particular color from a similar one, rest the mouse pointer over a color square until its name appears in a tooltip.

If you change your mind and you want to apply a different background color to the same page, repeat the previous step with a different selection.

Note: You can easily apply a background color to multiple (or all) pages in your notebook without having to format each one separately. In the vertical page list, select any pages that you want to change, and then click View > Paper Color to apply the color you want. To select a contiguous range of page tabs, select the starting page, and then hold the Shift key while clicking the last page name in the range. To include non-contiguous pages in your selection, hold the Command key while clicking their names in the list.

Remove the background color from the current page

Do the following:

  • On the View tab, click Paper Color > No Color.

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