Change my Yammer profile and settings

You can view and change your Yammer profile and picture, view your conversations, networks, account activity, and applications, and change your notification settings and language preferences.

To get to your settings, click the Yammer settings icon Yammer settings icon , and then click Edit Settings.

View your own settings by clicking Edit Settings

Change your Yammer profile and profile picture

If you sign in to Yammer via Office 365...

See View and update your profile in Office Delve.

If you sign in to Yammer via Yammer...

  1. In your settings, click Profile.

    Header of the user's settings page showing all the settings

  2. Fill in the information you'd like to share with your co-workers, or click Browse and select a new photo, and then click Save.

Note: It is not possible to delete your Yammer profile.

How other people view your profile information

  • When a person hovers over your name anywhere in Yammer, they see your email and phone numbers.

    The hovercard, showing the user's contact information and group memberships

  • When they click your name anywhere in Yammer, they'll see your home page. The Info section of the right sidebar shows any fields the admin has made public that contain data.

    The Info section showing the user's profile information

  • Other people can search for you by name, or search based on profile information. For example, they could search for you based on your department, location, or expertise.

    View users that match your search criteria

Change settings for each network you belong to

  1. In your settings, click Networks.

    View actions you can take on networks you belong to

  2. Next to a network name, select Edit Notifications.

  3. To leave an external network, select Leave Network next to the network name.

View your account activity

  1. In settings, click Account Activity.

    You'll see each time you accessed Yammer, and the app or device you used.

  2. If you want, you can logout from a Yammer session by clicking Logout next to an open session. This is helpful if you've lost your device.

View or uninstall an app

  • In your settings, click My Applications.

    If you have any applications installed, you'll see them listed.

  • To remove access to an app, click Revoke Access.

To add an app, select the Yammer settings icon Yammer settings icon , and then click Apps. For more information, see Office 365 Connectors in Yammer.

Change which notifications you get in email

  1. In your settings, click Notifications.

  2. If you are a member of multiple networks, you must change notifications on each network. Click a network name to change the notification settings for that network.

  3. Select the notifications you want, and then click Save.

    User settings for when notifications are sent by email

These settings do not change which notifications you get on your phone. To control push notifications on Android phones, in Yammer on your phone, click the menu, and then go to Settings > Notification Settings.

For more information about notifications, see Control your Yammer email and push notifications.

Change your language preference

Note: When you change your language preference here, the change applies just to the web and desktop Yammer apps. For mobile devices, Yammer takes the language setting from the device's language setting.

The language setting is used for all the labels in Yammer. If your Yammer admin has enabled translation, a Translate option appears in the options bar under all messages entered in a different language.

  1. In your settings, select Preferences.

  2. Select the current language, and choose another.

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