Automatically save photos and videos from OneDrive on iOS

Automatically save photos and videos from OneDrive on iOS

Here are the basics about automatically uploading your photos and videos via the OneDrive app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Camera Upload can only be used on one account at a time.

  • Photos uploaded through the Camera Upload feature will automatically be sorted by Year and Month into nested folders in the Camera Roll folder. This can be controlled by the “Organization” Settings in the Camera Upload settings page. Please note that moving, renaming, or deleting these folders is not supported or recommended at this time.

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When you sign in to OneDrive for the first time, you'll be asked if you'd like to automatically upload photos and videos you take on your phone to OneDrive. Tap Turn on to turn on automatic upload. You can also turn this on from Settings.

Important: Apple recommends that customers leave the OneDrive app running in the background. Automatic uploading cannot work if the app has been Force Closed (double-tap Home and swipe up and away).

For personal OneDrive accounts:

  1. In the OneDrive app, tap the Me icon Person icon in OneDrive app for iOS in the upper left of the screen, then tap Settings OneDrive settings .

  2. In the Settings box, tap Camera Upload, then turn on Camera Upload to automatically upload photos and videos to OneDrive.

  3. To make sure videos automatically upload, turn on Include Videos.


    • All photos and videos will upload at their original sizes when you're on a Wi‑Fi network. If you want to use your mobile network, tap Settings, tap Camera upload, and then turn on Use Mobile Network.

    • After photos and videos finish uploading, you can delete them from your device, and the copies in OneDrive won't be affected.

    • OneDrive cannot upload photos optimized for iCloud. To disable optimization, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos and uncheck Optimize Storage.

For OneDrive for Business accounts:

  1. Make sure you're signed in to the app with the account that you want to upload photos to.

  2. Tap the Me icon Person icon in OneDrive app for iOS > Photos.

  3. In the Photos view, from the Camera upload status pop-up, select Turn on. (If you already have Camera Upload enabled on another account, select Change instead.)

  4. Confirm that you want to Turn on Camera upload. (If you selected Change in the previous step, confirm that you want to Change the Camera Upload account.)

  5. Confirm again that you have the right account selected.

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