Apply sensitivity labels to your documents and email within Office

Note: This feature requires an Office 365 subscription and is currently rolling out to Office Insiders. This is available for users and organizations whose administrators configured the Sensitivity labels and turned on the feature. Please see this overview of sensitivity labels for more information.

You can apply sensitivity labels to your files and emails to keep them compliant with your organization's information protection policies.

  1. On the Home tab, select Sensitivity.

    Sensitivity is not visible if your Office account isn't a work or school account.

    Sensitivity is not available for you if we couldn't find sensitivity labels configured for your signed-in Office account.

    Note: Sensitivity labels must be configured in the Office 365 Security & Compliance center to be available in Office applications. If your organization has sensitivity labels configured in the Azure Information Protection portal, they need to be migrated.

  2. Choose the sensitivity label that applies to your document or email.
    If your organization has configured a website to learn more about their sensitivity labels, you will also see a Learn more...option.

What happens when I apply a sensitivity label?

When you apply a sensitivity label, the label information will persist with your document or email, even as it is shared between devices, applications, and cloud services. Applying a sensitivity label may also result in changes to your document or email according to your organization's configuration, such as:

  • Encryption with Information Rights Management may be applied to your document or email

  • A header or footer may appear in your document or email

  • A watermark may appear in your document

Justify changes to sensitivity label

Your administrator can have a policy that requires you to provide justification before changing a sensitivity label from a higher sensitivity to a lower sensitivity. In this configuration, you may be asked to choose a justification reason or provide your own when selecting a less sensitive label.

Note: You will only be asked to justify changes one time after opening a document or replying to or forwarding an email message. After justifying once, subsequent changes will not require justification until that document or email message is closed and opened again.

Sensitivity label downgrade justification experience in Mac Word

Where is the feature available today?

The following Office applications have the Sensitivity feature available in preview via the Office Insider program:





Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Available in Office Insider Fast Build 16.19.18102000 or newer.


Word, PowerPoint

Available in Office Insider Build 16.0.11029.20010 or newer.


Coming soon to Office Insiders


Coming by end of calendar year 2018


Word, PowerPoint

Coming soon to Office Insiders


Coming soon to Office Insiders


Coming by end of calendar year 2018


Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Coming soon to Office Insiders


Word, Excel, PowerPoint

To be announced

Outlook Web Access

To be announced

Known issues

As apply sensitivity labels is preview feature still in the Insider Fast ring, it has some known issues that we are aware of and working on.

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