Adding a new form to a custom Lists tool

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You add forms to a custom Lists tool by importing form template solution (.xsn) files designed in Microsoft Office InfoPath.

Designers can import any form template solution originated in InfoPath. However, the best path for creating a new form template is to start in the SharePoint Workspace Lists tool designer, because all new form templates started from the Lists tool designer have the following built-in features designed to work with SharePoint Workspace:

  • "Submit Options" are set to "Submit to Host".

  • "Security and Trust" in Form options is set to "Domain (the form cannot access content outside the form)".

  • The System fields "_Created", "_CreatedBy", "_Modified", and "ModifiedBy" are already present in the Fields list.

  • <lookup field setup ... need more information>

These features must be added manually in other InfoPath form template solutions.

  1. Enter the Lists tool Designer.

  2. On the Home tab, click New Form.

    Microsoft Office InfoPath opens to a new blank form in the InfoPath Designer.

  3. Add fields and all other design features you want in the Form template in InfoPath.

    For help laying out form templates in InfoPath, see the InfoPath online Help.

  4. Save the Form template to a disk location, as a SharePoint Workspace Form Template (.xsn) file.

    Tip: You can quickly save the form template to your Documents folder: Click the File tab, click Publish, and then click SharePoint Workspace to open the Windows Save As dialog box.

  5. Return to the Lists tool Designer in SharePoint Workspace.

  6. On the Home tab, click Import Form.

  7. Browse to the form template file you saved on disk, and click Open.

    If there are no problems detected with the form template, the form is added to the Lists tool design. An accompanying view is created to correspond with the new form.

    If SharePoint Workspace detects problems with the form template, an Import Errors dialog box displays. The Import Errors dialog box may report certain issues as warnings, and others as errors. Typically, warnings reflect unsupported features such as task panes, menus, and toolbars that will not display in the imported form. You can safely ignore these warnings. Errors, however, are problems that prevent the form from being imported. For example, a form template cannot be imported if it uses document signatures.

    If the Import Errors message contains errors, you must fix these in the form template before you can import it.

    An effective way to avoid errors in a form template is to create the new form directly from the Lists tool designer, as noted earlier in this topic.

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