Add records at SUNDNS to set up your SharePoint Online Public Website

Note: The SharePoint Online Public Website information in this article only applies if your organization purchased Office 365 prior to March 9, 2015.

Before you rename the Office 365 operated by 21Vianet website to use your custom domain name, make sure you've finished designing the website (in Office 365) and that you're ready for everyone to see it. Then when you're ready to use your custom domain for the address, you create (at the DNS host for your domain) a CNAME record to point to your customized website.

Ready to create that CNAME record at XXX? Follow the steps in this article.

Add the CNAME record to use your custom domain

First, review one of the two following linked articles (depending on the Office 365 subscription you have) for an overview of the process.

Then, when you’re ready to create the required CNAME record, use the steps in the following table.



Add a CNAME record.

Add a CNAME record.

  1. On the SUNDNS website, open the DNS records page for your domain.

    To find the DNS records page for your domain, see Find your DNS records at SUNDNS.

  2. In the 别名记录设置(CNAME记录) (CNAME record) section, make sure that the fields are set to precisely the following values for the empty record:

    • 别名 (alias): Use the name of your custom subdomain; for example, www.

    • 对应主机名 (point to value): Use, where name is the first part of your initial domain; for example, contoso in

    Add CNAME record

  3. Click 添加 (add).

Find your DNS records at SUNDNS

Use the steps in the following table to get to the right spot in the SUNDNS website to edit your DNS records.


What you'll see

Go to the page that has the DNS records for your domain.

  1. In your browser, go to the SUNDNS website and sign in.

  2. On the left navigation tree, under 我的业务 (my business), click 我的DNS (my DNS).

  3. In the right pane, in the 管理 (manage) column for the domain that you want to update, click 管理 (manage).

    The DNS records page for your domain opens.

Sign in to SUNDNS

Click "我的DNS"

Click "管理"

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