Add Bcc recipients to a meeting request

There is currently no way to add a person as a true Bcc recipient to a meeting request. If you don't want a person's name to show up on the list of meeting attendees, you can add them as a "Resource" in the request. However, doing so will add their name to the Location field for the meeting, so attendees will still be able to see their presence on the request.

Important: Adding a person as a Resource will include their name in the Location field for the meeting request. If you'd like to request the Bcc field be added to meeting requests in a future update of Outlook, submit a suggestion to Outlook User Voice.

  1. In the new meeting request, in the Show group, choose Scheduling Assistant > Add Attendees.

    Click Add Attendees
  2. In the Resources box, type the name or email address of each person you want to receive a copy of the meeting, but not be listed as an attendee.

    Add each recipient you want to Bcc in the Resources box
  3. If you've already added them to the list of attendees, click to the left of their name and choose Resource (Room or Equipment) from the drop-down list.

    Important: This will put the attendee's name in the Location field of the meeting request.

      Click the icon to the left of the name, and then click Resource

  4. Finish filling out the meeting request as you normally would, and choose Send.

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