About workspace roles and permissions in SharePoint Workspace 2010

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Every member of a Groove workspace is assigned one of the following roles:

  • Manager

  • Participant

  • Guest

Each role type has specific "permissions". Permissions determine the extent to which members can make changes in a workspace. For example, certain roles have permission to add new workspace tools or invite new members.

If you create a new Groove workspace, you are automatically assigned the role of Manager, and therefore have all permissions. Other members are assigned roles as they are invited to the workspace. Only members with the role of Manager can change other members' roles.

Members whose role is participant or higher can do most tasks, such as inviting new members. Guests have no workspace management permissions.

To view the permissions assigned to roles in a workspace, right-click the workspace in the Launchbar, click Properties, and then click Permissions.

Note: Workspace members can only be promoted. For example, a guest can be promoted to participant, but a participant cannot be demoted to guest. This rule applies to any workspace member who is uninvited and then reinvited to the workspace. For example, a participant who is uninvited from a workspace can be reinvited to the same workspace only as a participant or manager.

Tool permissions

Note: Permissions assigned to member roles in SharePoint Workspace 2010 workspaces cannot be changed. Depending on your role, you may be able to change permissions in 2007 (or earlier) workspaces.

Most tools within a workspace have their own set of permissions. Tool permissions determine what actions a manager, participant, or guest can perform in the tool. For example, the Calendar tool has permissions for creating, deleting, and editing meetings. Members assigned the role of manager can update tool permissions per role.

To view or change permissions assigned to roles for a selected workspace tool, click the Workspace tab, click Properties, and then click the Permissions tab.

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