About Microsoft 365 admin center preview

The new Microsoft 365 admin center is built for IT teams as a simplified way to manage your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services. The admin center provides a tailored experience based on the unique needs of your role or organization, improves efficiency for everyday tasks, and provides actionable insights that help you make data-driven decisions to deliver a better experience for your users.

The Microsoft 365 admin center is the common entry point for all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 admins and can be accessed at https://admin.microsoft.com. Specialist workspaces, like Security or Device management, allow for more granular control. For more information about how the admin centers will work together, see Specialist workspaces later in this article.

As new features become available in the Microsoft 365 admin center, you'll be able to opt in to the preview and share your feedback with Microsoft so that we can continue to improve the admin experience. If you opt in to the preview, there will be no impact to your users, and you can switch back to the classic admin center at any time.

Note: Targeted release admins will have first access to new features in preview. New features in preview will then roll out to all admins. This means that you may not see the preview or it may look different than what is described in help articles. To be among the first to see new features, see Participate in the preview later in this article.

What's inside

Participate in the preview

We would love for you to participate in the Microsoft 365 admin center preview. While in preview, you can give Microsoft feedback about your experience by selecting Give feedback right next to the Need help? button at the bottom of every page. Tell us what you like and what we could do better. In addition, you may get pop-up surveys from time-to-time asking about your overall impressions or a particular experience that's newly released. You can also give feedback at the end of this article by clicking Was this information helpful?

If you want to be an early adopter in the preview, you'll need to turn on Targeted release, and then when the preview is available you can switch to the preview to check it out and provide feedback.

Note: Access to the preview will be rolled out to all Microsoft 365 admins. Admins who are in the Targeted release group in their organization will get the preview first. Being in Targeted release does not guarantee you will see the toggle immediately, but you will get it sooner than those in Standard release.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to the navigation pane and select Settings > Organization Profile.

  2. Go to the Release preferences card, and then select Edit

  3.  Select either Targeted release for everyone or Targeted release for selected users. If you choose Targeted release for selected users, make sure that you add your admin account (and any other admins in your org who want to participate) to the list of selected users.

  • When the Microsoft 365 admin center preview is available to you, you can opt in by selecting Try the preview toggle located at the top of the Home page. You can opt in to the preview using the toggle or you can select the Try the preview link from any page in the classic Microsoft 365 admin center. If you sign out of the admin center while still in preview, we'll remember that selection and you'll sign back into the preview admin center. 

    Screen capture: Showing the Try Preview toggle from the classic admin center.
  • Switch back to the classic admin center from the Home page by turning the Preview on toggle to Off.

    Screen capture: The Preview toggle from the Home page in Microsoft 365 Admin Center preview.

What's added and what's new?

We're continuously adding new features to the Microsoft 365 admin center, fixing issues we learn about, and making changes based on your feedback. As the new admin center is getting built, you'll want to know about what's getting added, what's new, and what's being removed. Take a look below to see what's available for you today.

  • Home improvements The Home page has been completely re-done and we can't wait for you to try it out and see what you think. This is your personal Home page and you won't affect the Home pages of other admins in your organization.

    Screen capture: Microsoft 365 Admin Center Preview Home Page.
    • You can add, remove, and move home page cards around the Home page. Click + Add card in the top right corner to see which cards are available in the card library, and then drag them anywhere on the Home page. Don't like where it landed? Click and drag it to where you want it. You don't even have to save any more.

    • Take organization to the next level by grouping cards into sections. We've created two default sections for you: Basics and Devices and updates. Very soon, you'll be able to add, remove, and rename sections to design a Home page that works for you.

    • Most of the cards are informative and actionable, which means that you'll be provided with just-in-time information to help you do your daily tasks faster and smarter.

    • The navigation pane has been re-organized and you can customize it for your quick tasks. Just select Edit from the bottom of the navigation pane to start customizing.

      Screen capture: Microsoft 365 Admin Center Preview navigation pane in default state.
  • Billing You'll probably notice some of the biggest changes to the Microsoft 365 admin center in the Billing section. You can manage subscriptions and apps you've bought from Microsoft or another vendor, including new experiences for inventory management, order history, payment methods, and invoicing. 

    • Subscription management has been redesigned to give you a new inventory management experience for more product types including apps, software, and add-ins. It's now called Products & services to better reflect the support for new product types being added. You can now choose to have a card or table view of the products and services, and you can search and filter to quickly find what you're looking for.

      Screen capture: Products and services in the Microsoft 365 admin center preview
    • It's now easier than ever to assign a product license to your users. Select your purchased product and then you can assign the product. You can also see which users have already been assigned a particular product.

      Screen capture: Product details from the Billing section in the Microsoft 365 admin center preview
    • Switch plans is now called Upgrades and finally the subscription upgrades happen behind the scenes so you don't have to watch the upgrade complete.  Lastly, there is no longer a license limitation on upgrades.

    • There's a new way to buy subscriptions in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Go to Purchase services to see the completely redesigned shopping experience that makes it easy to search, compare plans, and other great new features that helps make purchasing a subscription easier.

      Screen capture: Purchase services plan comparison chart in Microsoft 365 admin center preview
  • User management We've made a lot of changes to user management to help you get your work done faster.  We've updated the Active users page and the user's details pane. Here's some of the more awesome changes:

    • There's a new design and new layout to the Active users page. Don't like the way the list looks? Select Change view (next to Filter) and you can change the list from Normal list to Compact list. Compact list is especially helpful if you've got a lot of users in your organization.

      Screen capture: Active users page in preview
    • The command bar (where Search lives) is dynamic and the list of actions will change depending on the number of users you've selected: no users, one user, or multiple users. You'll also see how many users you have selected next to Search.

      Screen capture: Microsoft 365 preview Active users command bar.
    • You can perform quick tasks like resetting passwords for single or multiple users directly from the list view.

    • The User's details and settings are now organized by the following tabs: Account, Devices, Licenses, Apps, Mail, and OneDrive. Previously, many of these settings were located across multiple screens. 

      Screen capture: Users detail pane in the admin center preview.

      Curious to know how the classic admin center tasks map to the preview admin center? Check out User management later in this article.

  • The Services and add-ins page has been updated to the new look and feel, but everything else works exactly the same. Of course, you should check out the command bar to see what new things you can do, like filtering and changing the list to compact view. In the navigation pane, go to Settings > Services & add-ins to check it out.

    Screen capture: Settings and add-ins page in Microsoft 365 admin center preview.

You used to do it this way...now you'll do it this way

As we optimize existing features, that functionality may move to a different place in the admin center or if we've changed the name of the feature we'll include that information in this section. If the feature has been removed, we'll also let you know what the work-around or mitigation for that feature is.

We know that you used the Home page cards as one of the main ways to navigate around the admin center, so here's a breakdown of how the preview Home page cards map to the classic Home page cards.

Classic admin center

Preview admin center

Active users

User management


User management

Office Software

Office 365 software

Train your self

Training & guides

Setup guidance

Training & guides

Message center

Message center

Service health

Service health



Usage report

Office 365 usage report

Azure AD

Azure AD

Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10

Device policies

Intune app policies

Device management

Intune device enrollment (coming soon)

Device actions

Intune device enrollment and Windows 10

The following cards aren't available in admin center preview, so here's how you can find those pages from preview.

Classic admin center

Preview admin center


In the navigation pane, select Support or the Need Help button.

Admin centers

In the navigation pane, select Show more , and then under Admin centers select All admin centers.

Security & Compliance

The Security & Compliance center can be found in the navigation pane under the Admin centers but also, we have two recommendation cards for data that's coming from the Security & Compliance center and you can easily navigate to the Security & Compliance center by clicking the header of those cards.

Suggested features

We're replacing the Suggested features card with more intelligent recommendations that will be displayed based on data about your organization. For example, if your users are connecting to your company data with their mobile phones, we'll suggest enrolling devices with Intune.

Business center

You can still get to the Business center from the Office.com home page.

Help users get started

Helping your users get started is being integrated with setup experiences and the setup guides. For example, if you complete the OneDrive setup guide, in the last step, you can email your end users a link to the training for OneDrive.

Classic admin center

Preview admin center

View > Add custom view

Filter > New filter

User details > Sign-in status

Select the quick action under the user's name: Edit sign in status

User details > Product licenses

User details > Licenses. In addition, on the Licenses tab you can't turn the apps, products or services off or on for a particular license.

User details > Product licenses > Turn off services, products, or apps for a user

User details > Apps. If you turn a service or app off, it is turned off for all licenses the user has - you no longer have to turn the feature off for each individual license the user has.

User details > Group memberships

User details > Account > Manage groups

User details > Roles

User details > Account > Manage roles

Office installs

User details > Account > Office activations

Classic admin center

Preview admin center

Billing > Subscriptions

Billing > Products & services

Switch plans


Frequently asked questions

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Yes. The preview is fully functional and has all the capabilities of the classic admin center.

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. The following Microsoft 365 subscriptions are available in the admin center for you to try or buy now:

  • Microsoft 365 Business

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3

  • (Coming soon!) Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5

For more information, see Try or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription.

We love to hear from you! Reporting bugs and sharing feedback helps us make the Microsoft 365 admin center better. To give feedback, click the Feedback button on the bottom of the page and use the form to send us your thoughts. Select the checkbox and confirm your email address if you want someone from the Microsoft 365 admin center team to follow up on your comments. We can't promise to follow up on every piece of feedback, but we're going to try!

You can also give feedback from outside of the admin center on our UserVoice forum. You can use this page to make feature suggestions that can be voted on by other forum users: UserVoice forum for admin center preview.

The Microsoft 365 admin center is the common entry point for all teams and roles managing Microsoft 365. The experience, information, and controls are tailored and customizable for each admin and role. Additionally, specialist workspaces allow for deep, granular control. These specialist workspaces include SharePoint, Teams & Skype, Exchange, Security, Compliance, Device Management, and Azure Active Directory. You can find the specialist workspaces from the navigation pane in the Microsoft 365 admin center at https://admin.microsoft.com.

Updating all of the admin centers to have a coherent experience will take awhile, but you can learn more about the admin centers we've already started to makeover:

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