About accounts and identities

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A SharePoint Workspace account is a file stored on your computer that contains the following components and information:

  • Your SharePoint Workspace identity and the cryptographic "private keys" that define your identity.

  • Other cryptographic information, such as a "master key" that protects your workspaces.

  • The devices on which add your account.

  • References to the workspaces in which you are a member.

  • Information about the contacts you communicate with.

Functionally, an account works much like a workspace, in the sense that you can "share" the same account (and access to the workspaces stored with the account) across multiple computers.

About identities

A SharePoint Workspace identity is the "electronic presence" by which other users recognize and interact with you. An identity can be associated with only one account; it cannot be added to other accounts. However, as noted in the previous section, you can synchronize an account, and the identity associated with that account, across multiple computers.

A contact file associated with your identity defines a set of characteristics about your identity. At minimum, this information must include a name and a valid e-mail address. If your account and identity was provided in an organization, your identity will likely be preset by an administrator to contain specific information. Depending on policies set in your organization, you may be able to edit this information.

Note: Earlier versions of SharePoint Workspace (Microsoft Office Groove) supported creating multiple identities in an account (depending on device policy). If you created additional identities in your account, you can still access those identities just as you did before.

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