A day in the life of a shared notebook

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You can capture, organize, and share notes in OneNote from just about any major device and operating system. Incredibly, you can share, synchronize, and coauthor the same notebook across all these supported platforms. Throughout the day and wherever you are, you can capture notes on a device, read them from another, share and synchronize them, and coauthor with others.

Watch these videos for a real-world scenario.


Summary of best practices

These videos show one scenario, but there is no limit. Plan trips, weddings, and holidays, conduct brainstorming sessions, organize team minutes, and collaborate on class assignments and projects all through OneNote. Let’s summarize best practices and key points when using OneNote everywhere:

  • Make sure the notebook is shared on a file cloud service, such as OneDrive or an Office 365 site library so others, including you, can access it.

  • By default, a notebook is private. You decide who to share it with and whether others can edit or just view.

  • Synchronization automatically occurs behind the scenes but not always instantaneously, so you may want to manually synchronize to make sure you and others are seeing the latest changes.

  • You can continue to work even when offline. When you come back online, your changes will be automatically synchronized.

  • Coauthoring is fun and dynamic. Just remember that other people can make changes to your notebook, but it’s easy to track and manage the changes.

Additional resources

For more information on moving a notebook from a computer to the cloud, see:

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