Your account settings are out-of-date

If you receive a message in Mail or Calendar for Windows 10 that your account settings are out-of-date, there are several things you can do to fix the problem.

Fix an out-of-date account

The most common cause of an out-of-date account is an incorrect password. Choose Fix account in the notification bar at the top of the Mail or Calendar app. If your password is incorrect, you'll see a message asking you to update your password. Enter the new password and choose Done.

Tip: If you want to change the password for your account with your email provider—for example, Gmail or iCloud—you'll need to visit the website for your email provider. See Change your password for more information.

If your password isn't the problem, you may have a certificate error. If so, you'll see a message that says, "There is a problem with the server's security certificate. The security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority."

This error often happens when you don't use SSL to secure your email account. To fix this error, use the following steps.

  1. Choose Settings > Manage Accounts.

  2. Choose the account that's out-of-date to display the account settings dialog.

  3. Choose Change mailbox sync settings > Advanced mailbox settings. You may have to scroll down in the dialog to see Advanced mailbox settings.

  4. Check the boxes for Require SSL for incoming email and Require SSL for outgoing email and then choose Done > Save.

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