Work with other people on a presentation

To work together in PowerPoint Online, just save your presentation to an online service such as OneDrive, and you can edit the presentation at the same time as other people. Edit a presentation as you normally would, and if others are also editing it, PowerPoint Online alerts you to their presence.

  1. In OneDrive, click to open the file that you want to work on with others.

  2. Under Edit Presentation, click Edit in PowerPoint Online.

    Open in PowerPoint Online

  3. Begin working on your presentation.


    • If others are working on the presentation at the same time, you’ll see a co-authoring icon Number of authors working on a presentation and a number in the status bar that tell you how many people are working on the presentation. Click the down arrow next to the co-authoring icon to see who is working on the presentation.

    • When people are editing the presentation without signing in to OneDrive or SharePoint, they show up as "Guest".

    Co-authoring notification

    Note    You can co-author with people who use the PowerPoint desktop application. However, for best results, people using PowerPoint Online should take turns making changes with those using the PowerPoint desktop application (PowerPoint 2010 or later or PowerPoint for Mac 2011).

Applies To: PowerPoint Online

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