Why has number activation failed?

Address validation is an important part of setting up Calling Plans in Office 365. It provides a user in your organization an emergency calling address that can be used by emergency response services.

Create a service request to validate an emergency address

  1. Sign in as an administrator to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. In the Office 365 admin center, in the left nav click Support > Service requests.

  3. Under Service requests click Add.

  4. On the Create a service request page, click Online collaboration.

  5. On the Identify the issue page select and enter in the following:

    • Feature select Domestic Calling and/or International Calling.

    • Symptom enter Emergency Calling.

    • Issue summary enter Address validation.

    • Issue details enter any details about the address(s) you want to validate such as the

      • Street number

      • Street name

      • Town or city

      • Country or region

        Important: Put the country/region where we offer Calling Plans in Office 365 that you are trying to validate an emergency address in when you are assigning phone number.

      • Postal or zip code

  6. Click Next page, click Yes, continue to continue.

  7. On the Add details page, select and enter the following:

    • Is your service unavailable? select No.

    • How many users are affected? select Some users.

    • Enter an email address of someone affected by this issue or leave blank.

    • Select Domain (s) you want to list

    • Attach a file if you have multiple addresses you need validated.

    • Click Next.

    • Enter your contact phone number.

  8. Review the information and then click Submit request.

Tip: The reference number will be listed on the View service requests page in the Office 365 admin center.

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