Why can't I create items or folders at the root level in the list view?

SharePoint Workspace does not distinguish visually between list items and folders. As a result, list folders appear to be list items in the list view, and you may not always distinguish between items and folders when selecting them.

SharePoint folders on a SharePoint site and in a SharePoint workspace

1. A folder in a SharePoint site.

2. A folder in a SharePoint workspace.

If you create a new list item or folder while the current selection is a list folder, or any item in a list folder, the new item or folder will be placed hierarchically below the list folder.

If you want to create a list item or folder that appears at the root level in the list view, you must first make sure that no items in the list are selected. To ensure that no items are selected, you can do either of the following:

  • Hold down CTRL and click all highlighted items to deselect them.

  • Right-click in a white space area of the list view.

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