Where's the Site Settings page?

We've removed the old link to the SharePoint Site Settings page while we work on a simpler OneDrive settings experience.

In the meantime, here's how you can find your way to the old Site Settings links that are specific to OneDrive. Use the following template links, but replace the tenant and user name with your own information (see the notes below):

  • For Storage Metrics: https://{tenant}-my.sharepoint.com/personal/{user name}/_layouts/15/storman.aspx

  • For Language Settings: https://{tenant}-my.sharepoint.com/personal/{user name}/_layouts/15/muisetng.aspx

  • For Regional Settings: https://{tenant}-my.sharepoint.com/personal/{user name}/_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx


  • Replace {tenant} with the name of your organization’s SharePoint site.

  • Replace {user name} with your email address, but replace “@” and “.” with an underscore “_” (for example sarahp@contoso.com would become sarahp_contoso_com).

For information about OneDrive settings, see OneDrive for Business in Office 365 - Admin Help.

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