What is the Outlook People page?

Last updated: August 30, 2016.

How you view People in Outlook on the web is changing. Improvements are coming to the People pane, contact cards, lists, and search. In the new experience, you can have instant access to see who someone is and how you know them, be able to quickly get content related to one of your contacts without leaving your current task, and hover over anyone's name in an email message or calendar item to show their contact card.

Note:    For the next few weeks, you may still see the older People experience in Outlook on the web.

Using the new People page in Outlook on the web

The first time you view People after you receive the new experience, you can choose a new view of People and pin that view so it's the first thing you see. You can change your pinned view at any time. You can choose from five default pinned views.

  • People you frequently contact:    This view allows you to see recent emails and activities for the people you interact with the most.

  • People on your calendar today:    Choose this view to see who you'll be meeting with and what types of things you'll be working on today.

  • Favorites:    You can mark contacts as favorites, then choose this view to see their latest emails easily.

  • People you may want to follow up with:    This view allows you to quickly see flagged items and messages where you've been @mentioned, along with unread messages from people you contact most often.

  • All contacts:    This is the classic People view, which shows all of your contacts in one place.

To pin a view, just choose the Pin this view button next to the view you prefer. You can also access each one of these views by choosing the view in the left pane under Featured people. Here's the Frequently contacted view.

Working with the new People pane

The People pane is shown on the right side of the screen when you select one of your contacts in one of the pinned views. Choose one of your For follow-up contacts to view their details in the People pane.

In the upper third of the pane, you'll see their photo and some limited contact information such as email, phone, and office location. Choose See contact details to view all of their information.

The middle third of the pane shows the organization view of the contact. Depending on your organization, this view may change, but you can see their manager or employees, who they are working with, and what groups they belong to.

The last third of the pane displays all of your interaction with the contact. You can view email messages you've exchanged with the contact, any files you've shared, and any meetings you have in the past or the future with that contact. Choose See more messages, See more files, or See more events to browse more items.

Work with a mail or calendar item without leaving your current view

If you want to open an email message, meeting, or file from the People pane, just choose the item and it will open in a new window. This allows you to keep the People pane open and easily view other items associated with that contact while responding to an email or viewing an event.

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