What happened to the Insert Diagram or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar?

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The Insert Diagram or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar is not available in most 2007 Microsoft Office system programs.

Drawing toolbar

In some 2007 Office release programs, the Ribbon, which is a part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface replaces the Drawing toolbar and other toolbars and menus.

The Ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups under tabs, such as the Clipboard group on the Home tab. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as writing or designing a page. To reduce clutter, some tabs appear only when needed. For example, the Drawing Tools tab appears only when you add or select a shape, line, or other drawing object. To learn more about the Ribbon, see Use the Ribbon.

Drawing Tools Format tab image

To create a diagram or organization chart by using 2007 Office release programs, insert a SmartArt graphic. A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of your information that you can quickly and easily create by choosing from many different layouts, to effectively communicate your message. To add a SmartArt graphic, on the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click SmartArt.

Illustrations group Ribbon Image

The Illustrations group as it appears in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft Office Word 2007

After you insert a SmartArt graphic, additional tabs appear under SmartArt Tools that contain formatting and effects previously found on the Drawing toolbar, and additional new features like Quick Styles.

SmartArt Tools Design tab image

For more information about creating an organization chart, see Create an organization chart.

Tip: Because presentations often contain slides with bulleted lists, you can quickly convert slide text to a SmartArt graphic in Office PowerPoint 2007. To convert slide text to a SmartArt graphic, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Convert to SmartArt graphic Convert to SmartArt Graphic button . This button is available only when you have text selected.

Note: You can insert diagrams that were created in Microsoft Office Visio 2007 into your 2007 Microsoft Office system document. To copy a Visio 2007 drawing to another document, see Copy a Visio drawing to another document or Link a Visio file to another document. To insert the diagram as an image file, export the Visio shape or drawing as a file, and then insert the file into a 2007 Microsoft Office system document as a picture.

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