What I see on the screen is not what prints


Materials that you print do not look the same when you print them as they do on your computer screen.


  • You may get different information on the screen than what's printed because of settings on the printer itself. If you change the margin settings on your printer, Microsoft Office Project 2007 may not override those settings. For example, if you set the margins on the printer at 1 inch and the margins in Office Project 2007 at 0.5 inch, then part of each page may be cut off when you print your project.

  • If you have borders on the screen but they don't print, try increasing the page margins to 0.5 inch or more (on the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Margins tab).

  • When you preview a view (click Print Preview on the File menu), you may see blank pages that are unavailable. To print blank pages, click Page Setup on the File menu, click the View tab, and then select the Print blank pages check box.

  • If Gantt bars or Network Diagram boxes do not print the way they appear on the screen, check the printer's properties.

  • If the legend does not print as it appears on the screen, check the printer or plotter drivers.

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