View the synchronization status of shared notebooks

Under normal conditions, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 automatically synchronizes shared notebooks at regular intervals. When you have a shared notebook open in OneNote, a synchronization status icon on the Standard toolbar and over the notebook icon in the Navigation Bar indicates the current synchronization status for the shared notebook.

Synchronizing changes icon  OneNote is synchronizing changes    This icon is displayed whenever OneNote attempts to synchronize the changes that you made with those of other users who are editing the shared notebook at the same time. During synchronization, it is best not to disconnect from the network or to shut down your computer.

Synchronization up-to-date icon  OneNote has finished synchronizing changes    This icon is displayed when the changes that you made to the shared notebook have been synchronized with the notebook file in the shared location. When synchronization is successful, other users can see the latest version of your notes.

Working offline icon  OneNote could not fully synchronize changes    This icon is displayed when you are not connected to the location where the shared notebook is stored or if errors occurred during the most recent synchronization attempt. To view the reason for a failure, pause the pointer over the notebook name on the Notebooks navigation bar, and wait for a ScreenTip to appear. If you are not connected to the shared location, you can still edit your local copy of the selected notebook on your computer. The changes that you make offline will be automatically synchronized the next time you connect to the shared location.

Note: OneNote must be running in order to synchronize shared notebooks. If your computer is connected to the shared location on the network, but OneNote is closed, shared notebooks will not be synchronized on your computer.

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