View a synced library in a web browser

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After you sync OneDrive for Business or other libraries to your computer, you can visit these library in two places: In File Explorer or in a web browser.

Synced OneDrive for Business in File Explorer

OneDrive for Business in a web browser

A synced library in File Explorer

A synced library in a web browser

You can quickly switch between the two versions of the library. You might do this because you find certain activities easier in one location or the other. For example, most people find it faster and more convenient to manage files in File Explorer, with tasks such as opening, renaming, or deleting files.

Conversely, some activities are available only in a web browser. For example, if you want to compare document versions, or post a document to a Yammer conversation, you must do this activity in a web browser.

View a synced library in a web browser

In the synced library folder, right-click any file, click OneDrive for Business, and then click Go to browser.

View a file in a synced folder in a web browser

The SharePoint library that contains the file opens in a web browser.

View a synced library in File Explorer

If you’re currently viewing a library you’ve synced in a web browser, you can navigate to the synced folder in File Explorer by selecting the Sync option.

Syncing OneDrive for Business or a site library to your computer

When you select this, it will appear as if you’re going to sync the library again, but instead you’ll simply go to the synced library folder in File Explorer.

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