Use Yammer every day

Use Yammer every day

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Yammer is a social networking tool for your organization. But to get maximum benefit, you need to use it every day. Fortunately, it’s easy to get up-to-speed and proficient at Yammer. Once you start using Yammer, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

What you'll need for this course

This course features Yammer, which is an Office 365 service. You can use Yammer from many devices. If you do not already have Office 365, in the following sections, you'll find setup information.

By using Yammer every day, we can make teams, projects, and our entire organization more productive and efficient.

First things first.

Editing my Yammer profile lets coworkers put a face to a name and learn more about me.

Accentuating the positive in our organization is important.

Similar to other social media, Yammer allows me to “LIKE” posts when I want to offer praise or agree with something.

Not only can I learn a lot by following topics that matter to me, I can also follow people who might be experts on an important subject.

Discovering and joining a Yammer group is a great way to stay informed about many areas of our business.

By communicating in groups, I’m able to stay informed with the latest activities and conversations – so I don’t miss a thing.

Sometimes I need to loop in coworkers to a specific conversation.

The @mention function allows me to directly link a person’s name in a post so I can reply, or call their attention to a conversation.

Other times, I need to gather feedback from others in making a decision.

In Yammer, creating a poll offers an organized and convenient way for the group to voice their opinions and suggestions.

When I need assistance finding important information, Search and Discovery feed can help point me in the right direction.

To be even more productive, I can add, edit and coauthor files in Yammer.

Finally, with all that Yammer has to offer, I rely on my notifications and Inbox to keep up with my highest priority conversations and activities.

Now that we’re ready to use Yammer every day, let’s make it a habit to:

  • Join groups, such as a fun topic, team, or project.

  • Be sure to “Like” what we see.

  • Praise a coworker who has gone above and beyond, at least once a week.

And lastly, spend a few minutes a day in our Inbox to stay up-to-date.

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