Manage your email on a Mac

Search and filter messages on a Mac

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Use filters in Outlook 2016 for Mac to find the email messages you are searching for.

Filter your email messages

  1. Select Home > Filter Email.

  2. Select an option from the drop-down:

    • Unread – shows unread messages.

    • Flagged – narrows your results to only flagged messages.

    • Has Attachment – shows only items that have attachments.

    • Date Sent – shows only the email messages that you sent.

    • Date Received – shows emails that you received Today, This Week, or This Month.

    • Overdue – shows overdue appointments.

    • High Priority – shows high priority items.

    • Any Recipient is Me – shows emails where you are in To or Cc.

    • Category – refines your results to include only those items that have a specific category assigned to them.

    • Clear All Filters – to clear all the filters.

      Note: To see all of your email after you set a filter, select Clear All Filters.

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Outlook 2016 for Mac Help

What's new in Outlook 2016 for Mac?

Find items by doing a basic search in Outlook 2016 for Mac

Outlook 2016 for Mac Quick Start Guide

A great feature of Outlook 2016 for Mac is the ability to filter your email on the fly to find things quickly.

In the Home ribbon tab, while you're in a particular folder, click the Filter Email drop down.

You can do that by clicking the black triangle facing down. You have a lot of choices.

It's going to narrow down the list of emails that show up in whatever current folder you're in based on what criteria you narrow it down by.

In fact you can also stack these filters. For example, if you wanna quickly see only your unread messages, simply click Unread.

On the fly, the view will change, and you'll be brought to your unread messages.

When you're done, click back on the Filter Email button and select Clear All Filters.

It will bring all your mail back the way it was.

This is useful if you're not sure if you're seeing all the mails you should be seeing or if you think you're missing some mail.

Always be sure to go in and make sure you don't have a filter applied that you forgot to clear.

Let's stack some filters. For example, I want to look at any mail that's in my 128 Main category.

It's going to filter it on the fly, and now I only wanna see what emails I've gotten this month.

So I'll choose by Date Received and I'll select This Month.

I can see that I do have something in here. So play around with filters.

They're a great way for you to find email.

For example, any email that has a particular attachment or you can even see what email has come in today so that you can know what the day has brought you.

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