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Scheduled meetings

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Select Meetings to see your meeting schedule, join meetings, and schedule meetings.

Join a meeting on your schedule

  1. Select Meetings.

  2. Select a meeting to join.

  3. Select Join.

Schedule a meeting

  1. Select Meetings.

  2. Select Schedule Meeting.

  3. Enter a title, start and end time, and a brief description of the meeting.

  4. Enter the names of the people to invite in Invite People.

  5. Select Schedule Meeting.

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Meetings and calling

Having impromptu meetings is great when you need to meet at a moment’s notice, but what if you want to schedule a meeting in the future? We’ve got you covered. 

In Meetings, you will see a list of all your upcoming Outlook meetings. 

You can schedule meetings here, or in Outlook, and they will appear in both. When you click on a meeting, you will see a detailed view of the meeting invite. Here, you can see what the meeting's about, who's in attendance, as well as send a response to the meeting organizer. 

So let's schedule a meeting of our own.

Click Schedule meeting.  Team meetings occur in a channel at a future date and time. From the drop-down, find the channel you want to host your meeting in.

Give the meeting a title. Choose your start and end time. And add some details about the meeting, if you like.

Next, you can start adding people to the meeting. Note that this will send an invite to all members who were specifically added to the meeting invite, but also allows members of the channel to join during the meeting at any time.

So now you know how to schedule meetings. Let's get to work!

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