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Learn how to share and schedule team events and milestones using your team's group calendar.

The following procedure describes how to perform these tasks using Outlook on the web.

To review the group calendar and set up a team meeting

  1. In the Outlook folder pane, select Groups.

  2. Select your group.

  3. Select Calendar in the toolbar.

  4. On the Group calendar view, select the time for your meeting. Fill out the title of your meeting, and adjust the length, if necessary. (You can select More details to add a note, make this a recurring meeting, and other options.)

  5. Ensure that Send an invitation to the group is checked. Select Save.

We’ve got team members flying in for our launch event, and I want us all to meet before the conference starts.

I’m going to check our team calendar in our Outlook Group.

I just select Calendar on the Groups toolbar.

I can see the shared calendar for my Group, along with my own personal calendar.

They're listed at the top of the calendar.

Everyone put their travel times on the Group calendar, so I can select a time when everyone’s here, and fill out the meeting request.

I select the Group calendar, enter the meeting title, and make sure the Send an invitation to the group box is checked, then I select Save.

There. Now everybody in the group will get an invitation to the meeting.

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