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With PowerPoint Designer, just insert a picture and then select the design you want. PowerPoint automatically generates great-looking design ideas, to help you create professional looking slides.

Note: This feature is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office.

Get design ideas

  1. Select Insert > Pictures and choose the picture you want.

    The first time you use Designer, a message appears asking your permission to get design ideas for you.

    Note: To learn more, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

    Shows the inital message that appears when the PowerPoint Designer is invoked

  2. Select Let's Go to use PowerPoint Designer.

  3. Select the design you like from the Design Ideas.

    You can also bring up Designer by selecting a picture, and then selecting Design > Design Ideas.

Note: To turn off Design Ideas, select File > Options, and in General, uncheck Automatically show me design ideas in the PowerPoint Designer section.

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What's PowerPoint Designer?

This next feature is only available to those of us who are running PowerPoint under the Office 365 subscription.

Without it say you've installed PowerPoint as a stand-alone application, you won't even see this feature unfortunately, but it's worth taking a look at.

Let's say we want to highlight the Award-winning Rooftop Cafe by giving it its own slide.

So we'll go to the New Slide drop down, and let's put in a title slide only.

We'll give it a click.

Now PowerPoint knows we have a title slide, we're going to need a title and we're going to add an image now by going to the Insert tab, select Pictures, you'll see the dining rooftop jpeg file.

Give that a click and click Insert.

Now the very first time after enabling PowerPoint Designer when you insert an image like this it kind of jumps into action here on the right-hand side.

It's Design ideas, you can see.

It's automatically going to generate some great-looking slides for us so we don't have to do the work.

If you're ready to use it click Let's Go.

You can see there's our slide at the top select it, just the way you see it.

But there are some other options down below now for placing the image to the left and the title on the right.

More of a title area.

Down below I like this last one, where the whole slide is the image and the title sits on top on the left side.

Selecting that actually changes it instantaneously just like that we have our new design.

Click where it says Click to Add Title and type in Rooftop Cafe.

You can see as soon as we start typing it disappears.

Now we can click in the background to deselect.

How fast and easy was that?

Now at any time you can get it back by going to the Design tab.

You'll see it's way off to the right here, Design Ideas.

When you click it, it opens up, and generates those ideas again for you.

You'll see your current slide at the top and those other options down below.

You can close it up when you don't need it by clicking the Close button or clicking Design Ideas again.

So that's the PowerPoint Designer.

It's going to make it a lot easier and faster to design your slides if you have an Office 365 account and you're running PowerPoint 2016 through that.

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