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In Outlook, you can create a new email message, add an attachment or image, and send an email on an iPhone or iPad.

Create a message

  1. Tap the new message icon. NewEmail

  2. In To, Cc, and Bcc, type the name or email address of the people you want to send an email:

    • You can add multiple names or email addresses.

    • Use Cc to copy someone on an email.

    • Use Bcc if you want to copy someone but you want it to be a blind copy, where other people don't see that person when they receive the email.

  3. Add a Subject.

  4. If you have multiple email accounts, tap the email address at the top of the email message, and select the email account you want to send the email from.

  5. Tap in the body of the email message and type your message.

  6. Tap Attach Attachment to attach a file. You can also attach an image.

  7. Tap Send send to send the email message.

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Set up email in Outlook for iOS mobile app

I haven't shown you how to create a message yet.

To do that, tap the square icon with a pencil on it on the top right-hand of the navigation pane next to the word Inbox.

You can address your mail, add a subject and start typing, but I want to show you how to change those accounts.

Tap the email address at the top center of the email.

Now you can choose which of your email addresses this is going to be sent from.

If I had multiple signatures files in here, it would change also.

Now I can tap in the body of the email and continue typing.

There's some more things you can do here, such as tap to send a file attachment, but for now, notice the paperclip icon on the right-hand side.

You can also tap to insert an image.

When you're ready to send the image, tap the paper airplane icon on the top right-hand side.

You'll see at the bottom that your mail was sent successfully and that's how you can navigate and use mail in Outlook.

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