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Add and review comments​ in your presentation

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In PowerPoint, you can use comments to collaborate with colleagues to give notes and feedback.

Add a comment

  1. Select Review > New Comment.
    Or select New if the Comments pane is open.

  2. In the Comments pane, type your message in the box and press Enter.

    Note: A comment icon Comments icon will appear on the slide. You can drag and drop it to put the icon next to whatever it is you are commenting on.

View and reply to comments

  1. Click on a comment icon Comments icon on the slide.

    The Comments pane will open and you can see comments for that slide.

  2. Select Reply to respond to a comment.

  3. Select the Next or Back buttons to go between comments and slides.

Delete a comment

  • In the Comments pane, select the comment that you want to delete, and then select the black X.

  • On the slide, right-click the comments icon Comments icon of the comment that you want to delete, and then select Delete Comment.

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Add, edit, or delete comments in a presentation

In PowerPoint, you can collaborate with colleagues to give notes and feedback by using comments.

When you see a comment icon on a slide, click it to open the Comments pane to see what has been written.

You’ll see who wrote the comment and when the comment was made.

You can delete it or you can reply.

When you reply, it adds another comment icon under the other one, showing there is a thread of comments.

If you want to add a comment, choose New when the Comments pane is open or choose Review and then New Comment.

Type what you want to say and then press Enter.

You can move the comment icon wherever you want on the slide. Just drag and drop it to make it clear what your comment is referring to.

If your presentation has multiple comments, use the Next and Back buttons to go through them.

And when you reach the end, PowerPoint will ask if you want to continue reviewing comments at the beginning.

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