Using Video Call Controls

When you make or answer a video call using Communicator, the video pane of the Conversation window contains several buttons that you can use to control the call.

Video Call Controls




Communicator 2007 R2 example

Pause/resume incoming video

Pause incoming video from participants. Click again to resume.

Stop video

Stop video

Stop the video portion of the call.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Pause/resume video

Pause your video. Click again to resume.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Switch picture-in-picture

Switch the background video image and the picture-in-picture image. Click again to switch back.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Show picture-in-picture

Display the picture-in-picture feature, which enables you to see yourself (outgoing video stream) and the active speaker (incoming video stream) in the same window.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Video size

Select a size for the video image (small size, large size, or full screen).

Hold Call control

Place call on hold/resume call

Place the call on hold. Click it again to resume the call.

Transfer call control

Transfer call

Transfer the call to another contact or phone number.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Display dial pad

Display the on-screen dial pad. This is helpful when you are prompted to enter a Voice Mail PIN or an access code.

Communicator 2007 R2 example

Invite others

Invite others to participate in the call.

Mute speaker control

Mute speaker or adjust speaker volume

Mute the speaker on your USB phone device. Click again to unmute. Click the down arrown and use the slider to adjust the speaker volume.

Mute microphone control

Mute microphone

Mute the microphone on your USB phone device. Click again to unmute.

The End Call control

End call

End the call. This does not end the instant messaging session.

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