Use voice controls with Lync on your Windows Phone

You can use voice controls to display and join your meetings or display and listen to your Lync voicemails on your Windows Phone. Here’s how:

  1. On any Windows Phone screen, press and hold the Start button.

  2. Say into the phone any of the following commands (the “my” is optional):

    • “Lync, show [my] next meeting.”

    • “Lync, show [my] current meeting.”

    • “Lync show [my] meetings.”

    • “Lync, join [my] current meeting.”

    • “Lync, join [my] next meeting.”

    • “Lync, show [my] voicemail.”

    • “Lync, play [my] voicemail.”

Important:  These voice controls work only when you are signed into Lync but the app is not in the foreground. When Lync is in the foreground, tap on the appropriate view when you want to check voicemail or view/join a meeting.

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