Use user spam notifications to release and report quarantined messages

If your admin enables spam notifications for users, you’ll receive a notification message that lists messages sent to your mailbox that were identified as spam and quarantined instead.

Tip: If you're an administrator and want to enable this feature, you can choose the option when you modify a default anti-spam policy.

The message you receive includes the number of spam-quarantined messages you have, and the date and time (in Universal Coordinated Time or UTC) of the last message in the list. The list includes the following for each message:

  • Sender The send name and email address of the quarantined message.

  • Subject The subject line text of the quarantined message.

  • Date The date and time (in UTC) that the message was quarantined.

  • Size The size of the message, in kilobytes (KBs).

There are two actions you can take with a quarantined message:

  • Release to Inbox Choose this to send the message to your inbox, where you can view it.

  • Report as Not Junk Choose this to send a copy of the message to Microsoft for analysis. The spam team evaluates and analyzes the message, and, depending on the results of the analysis, adjusts the anti-spam filter rules to allow the message through.

Be aware of the following:

  • Messages that are quarantined due to a transport rule match are not included in user quarantined messages. Only spam-quarantined messages are listed.

  • You can only release a message and report it as a false positive (not junk) once.

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