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Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

The Supplier form tracks all contact and background information about each supplier and displays information about all transactions with the supplier. It is almost identical to the Customer form.

Similar to the Customer form, the Supplier form has five tabs: General, Details, Financial Summary, Financial History and User-Defined Fields.

General tab

The General tab shows the basic supplier and contact information, plus notes and links to relevant documents.

general tab on supplier form
General tab on Supplier form

In addition to having the same fields as the General tab on the Customer form, this tab contains Supplier reference No., which is your customer number in the supplier's records.

Details tab

The Details tab shows additional supplier information, including purchasing terms, bank information and VAT information. The information in these fields is copied to the individual supplier documents as default information, but may be changed.

details tab on supplier form
Details tab on Supplier form

One of the most important fields on the Details tab is the Expense account field where you can select a default expense account to appear on new supplier documents (for example, telephone for the telecommunications supplier).

Financial Summary tab

The Financial Summary tab provides an overview of the financial relations with the supplier.

financial summary tab on supplier form
Financial Summary tab on Supplier form

The Balance information section provides a detailed view of the aging of the purchase invoices, showing whether you are paying on time.

The Purchases section provides an overview of how much you have bought from your supplier (net of VAT).

Financial History tab

The Financial History tab contains a complete list of all the documents created for each supplier.

financial history tab on supplier form
Financial History tab on Supplier form

You can sort the list by clicking any of the column headers. You can double-click a document to open it.

User-Defined Fields tab

The User-Defined Fields tab enables you to add additional information about your suppliers that may be used on purchase orders, purchase invoices and other supplier documents.

user-defined fields tab on supplier form
User-Defined Fields tab on Supplier form

You can click the New Fields button to add user-defined fields. You can add up to twenty-one text fields, one multiple line text field, six date fields, eight number fields and four check boxes.

Tip:  After the user-defined fields are added, they can be moved to the other tab pages by using the Modify Layout button. They can also be added to the Invoice form and other documents by modifying their layout.

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