Use the SharePoint Newsfeed app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

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The SharePoint Newsfeed app lets you stay connected to your organization’s social network and interact with your colleagues while you're on the go.

Sign in and sign out of the SharePoint Newsfeed app

Note:  To use the SharePoint Newsfeed app you must have a personal site, such as a My Site set up in SharePoint Server 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint Online. Your device must be running iOS 6.0 or later.

After downloading the app from Apple's App Store, the next step is to sign in. On the sign in screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, enter your SharePoint 2013 or Office365 username and password and your SharePoint URL.

Tap Sign In.

Screenshot of sign in screen for SharePoint Newsfeed iOS device


  • If you’re unsure what to type in for your SharePoint URL, navigate to the SharePoint newsfeed in your browser. If your URL uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with the https:// prefix be sure to include that. Only include the first part of the URL. For example, here are URLs for a personal site in the Contoso organization. Your URLs will include your domain name instead of Contoso:

  • Examples of URLs for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 with callout identifying first part of URL needed for sign in to the app

  • SharePoint Online URL (

  • SharePoint 2013 URL (http://contoso/my)

Once you’re logged in, the SharePoint Newsfeed app opens on the Following screen. From there, you can view and post to the public newsfeed and to newsfeeds in team sites you’re following. When you first sign in, the app displays posts from newsfeeds in all sites you’re following.

To sign out of the app, tap SharePoint>Settings>Sign out.

Screenshot of the SharePoint button on an iOS device

How to use the Newsfeed app

The newsfeed is a place to see what your colleagues are doing or saying, or seek out new information. You can contribute by starting new conversations or replying to existing ones. You can also include images to your posts.

Start a new conversation

  1. To start a new conversation tap the new post button (+) in the top right corner.

    New post button in SharePoint Newsfeed app for iOS device

  2. When you create a post, the app assumes that you want to share the post with Everyone. This means anyone in your organization can see this post in their Everyone view.

To share your post with a smaller group, tap Everyone to see the list of team sites you’re currently following. Tap the newsfeed you want to share with and begin typing your post.

Note:  If you’ve already filtered your Following newsfeed to a specific team site, tap New to start a message to be shared only to that team site. To change sites, tap the site name at the bottom and a list of all sites you’re following (including Everyone) appears on a new screen.

Screenshots of how to select different newsfeeds in an iOS device

  1. Tap Post to send the post.

Reply to a conversation

  1. If a post has no replies a + appears beside the poster’s name. Tap + and on the Conversation pivot tap the bottom to begin typing your message.

  2. If a post already has replies tap the number to view all replies and then tap the box at the bottom to add your own response to the conversation.

Screenshot of number of replies in iOS SharePoint Newsfeed app

  1. Tap Post to send your response.

Add an image to your post

  1. Start a new post or reply to a post.

  2. Tap the camera button and then select Choose a Photo or Take a Photo with your device.

  3. Tap Post when you’re done.

View the latest posts

To refresh the newsfeed with the latest posts, swipe down and release.

Add a #tag to a post

To get information about a topic that interests you in your newsfeed, follow a tag for that topic. In this context, tags are keywords preceded by a hash (#). For example, if you wanted to get the latest information on your team’s budget work, you might follow the tag #budget in your newsfeed. When you start following a tag, you’ll get newsfeed notifications whenever that tag appears in conversations. When you’re no longer interested in news about the tag, you can easily stop following it. After adding the # symbol, a list of available hashtags appears at the bottom of the post. You can select from the list or type in a new tag.

Screenshot of adding a hashtag (#) to a post in the SharePoint Newsfeed app

Add an @mention to a post

The @mention works like the #hashtag. Type or tap the @ symbol to mention someone in your post. A list of available names appears at the bottom of the post.

Screenshot of adding a mention (@) to a post in the SharePoint Newsfeed app

View Activities

Activities list all the public posts you have made to "Everyone" as well as all your public activities, such as replying to posts, liking posts, and following a person or document.

You can also view other people's Activities by tapping on their name, and swiping to the Activities pivot.

How it works on your device

For more information about using the SharePoint Newsfeed app, see how the SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed app works on your iOS device.

See people and content you’re following

You can access people and content you’re following from the app. From a newsfeed page tap SharePoint in the top left corner. This screen may include an image (if you added one to your personal site). From here you can navigate back to a newsfeed, view documents or people you’re following, see who’s following you, view your profile, and sign out of the app.

Screenshot of About Me pivot in SharePoint Newsfeed app

Newsfeed From the left navigation menu tap Newsfeed to get back to the main newsfeed section of the app.

Documents     To see the documents you’re following, tap Documents. From here you can tap a document to view it.

People     To see lists of people, tap People.

  • To see the list of people you’re currently following swipe to Following.

  • To see who’s following you, swipe to Followers.

  • For a list of people who are following you, but who you’re not following swipe to Suggested.

Tap any name to open the profile of that person. From there you can see their profile, activities, who they’re following, and who’s following them.

Your profile and tags you’re following    Tap About Me to see your own profile, including a biography and personal information such as your name, job title, work address, and phone number. Swipe down to the bottom of this screen to see the list of #tags you’re following and any areas of expertise that you added to your SharePoint Profile.

Note:  Editing your profile must be done in the browser view of your SharePoint My Site. You can’t edit your profile from the app.

Contact and follow people

You can get information about people who post to a newsfeed. To view a profile, tap the name of the poster or the @mention tag. The profile view gives you details about that person, such as name, profile picture, job title, work address, and a brief biography if they included one in their user profile.

From the About screen you can start or stop following a person, mention that person in a post, or if your device allows it, send an email or place a phone call to the person.

Screenshot of About screen in SharePoint Newsfeed app

Start or stop following someone    If you want to start following someone, tap the name either from a post, an @mention, or from your list of followers and go directly to that profile. From there tap follow this person. If you decide to stop following someone, tap stop following this person.

Send email    If you prefer to contact someone personally rather than in the newsfeed, tap the email address to open your configured mail app (such as Outlook) to send an email.

Mention    You can create a post that includes the @<name> in the textbox. Mentioning someone sends an email that includes the post to that individual.

Call work    Tap the phone number if you want to call that person from your phone.

From a person’s profile you can swipe to view that person’s activities. If the privacy settings allow it, you can also see a list of that person’s followers and who he or she is following.

See posts where you’re mentioned

If you’re following people who mention you, you’ll see their post in the Following view of your newsfeed. To see a list of who’s mentioned you, swipe to select the Mentions pivot at the top. Tap > to see the entire post with all the responses.

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Supported authentication types for SharePoint Newsfeed app

In order for you to log in to the SharePoint Newsfeed app, an administrator must configure your SharePoint environment by using one of the supported authentication types in this table.





Organizations with an Office 365 or SharePoint Online tenant without any federation.


ADFS and Org-ID federation

Organizations with a hybrid Office 365 or SharePoint Online tenant with users federated from an on-premises directory.


Windows authentication (NTLM)

Organizations with a SharePoint environment configured to allow NTLM claims-based Windows authentication.


Forms-based authentication (FBA)

Organizations with a SharePoint environment configured to allow Forms-based authentication or other compatible claims-based authentication via a standard web control.


Qualified non-ADFS identity providers

Organizations with an Office 365 or SharePoint Online environment configured to allow user sign-in that is federated with an identity provider qualified for rich clients in the Works with Office 365 – Identity program.


All other non-ADFS identity provider

Organizations with a SharePoint environment configured to allow a non-ADFS identity provider.


Kerberos authentication

Organizations with a SharePoint environment configured to support Kerberos authentication.


Basic authentication

Organizations with a SharePoint environment configured to support Basic authentication.


Note:  If you’re an Office 365 multi-tenant user you can connect from the SharePoint Newsfeed app in any network environment including Wi-Fi and cellular data. If you’re not using multi-tenant Office 365, you can connect only when using your organization’s on-site Wi-Fi network. Contact your SharePoint administrator if you’re unsure which user you are.

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