Use decimal tabs to line up numbers with decimal points

When you work with numbers, setting a decimal tab makes numbers, such as amounts of currency, align correctly in a column.

  1. If you don’t see the ruler at the top of your document, click View, then check the Ruler box.

  2. Click the tab selector on the left end of the ruler a few times until you see the decimal tab: Tab image .

    Ruler with decimal tab

  3. Click on the ruler where you want the decimal point to be. You can move this later by clicking and dragging it.

  4. Click the document where you want to type a number and press the Tab key. As you type the number, the decimal point aligns on the tab. Do it again on the next line and the numbers will center on the decimal point.

    Numbers lined up under decimal tab


If you double-click the decimal tab in the ruler, the Tabs box appears with more options. You can add more tabs with this box or by clicking the ruler.

Tabs Box

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