Use a screen reader to create and send email in Outlook 2016

Use keyboard shortcuts and your screen reader to compose and send an email message in Outlook 2016. Type a simple message, add special formatting, or paste in content from other Office apps.

Note: This topic assumes that JAWS users have turned off the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature.

Create a new email message

  1. In the Outlook 2016 Inbox, to open a new message, press Alt, H, and then N. The focus is in the To… field. You hear “Untitled message.” (JAWS does not announce the To: field. In Narrator, you hear “To, Editing.”)

  2. Address your message.

    If you know the email address that you want to use, type it in the box. Otherwise, take these steps to search your Outlook address book:

    Note: If there are no results, you hear a message that tells you to try your search again. To try a new search, press Shift+Tab until you hear “Search colon edit.”

    • Press Shift+Tab until you hear “To button.”

    • To launch the Global Address List box, press Enter. You hear “Select Names: Global Address List.” The focus is in the Search field.

    • To choose a different address list, press Shift+Tab until you hear “Address book combo box.”

    • To select an address book, press the Down Arrow key. Press the Tab key until you get back to the Search field.

    • Type part of the person’s name. This brings up a list of email addresses that contain those letters.

    • Press the Tab key. You hear “Extended select list box” plus the first item in the list. Narrator says, “Selected,” plus the first item in the list.

    • To select the recipient of the message, use the arrow keys and press Enter. This places the name you selected in the Global Address List box in the To: field. The focus is back in the Global Address List box in the Search field. You hear “Search colon text.”

  3. Press the Tab key until you hear “Subject, Edit.”

  4. Type the subject, and press Enter. The focus is in the message area. You hear “Message, Edit.”

  5. Type your message.

  6. To get to the Send button, press Shift+Tab. To send the message, press Enter.

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