Use a List view in an Access app

To see the data from your app in a form layout, use a List view (also known as a List Details view). When you add a table to your app, Access automatically creates a List view but you can create additional List views for the table. The List view includes a built-in search box so it’s useful when you want to search or filter for specific data. The List view is also useful for viewing the details of a record, and adding editing, or deleting records from a table. For more about adding tables to apps, see Create an Access app.

List view

To add a new List view to a table, open the app in Access, click the table, and click the Add New View button (the plus sign).

  1. In the Add New View dialog, enter a name and set the View Type to List Details.

Add List view from Access client

  1. Click Home > Launch App to open the view in the browser.

  2. Click the table name > List to add or modify data in this view.

Using the Action buttons from the List view

  • To add a new record: Click the plus button and type in the data > Save.

  • To edit a record: Click the record and click the pencil (Edit) button.

  • To delete a record: Click record from the list and click the trash can (Delete) button.

Action Bar in List view

Here’s more on working with action buttons.

You can use the search box to filter the list. For example, to find items with the characters “an” type the characters in the Filter the list box and press Enter. Access filters across multiple fields. In this example, the results are “Alan” and “Anna.”

Using the search box in list view

To return to the unfiltered view, click the “x” in the Search box.

Take a look at how to add controls to a view.

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Applies To: Access 2013

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