Updates for Live Meeting 2007 Service Release 9.1 QFE1

This document lists updates that are included in Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Service Release 9.1 QFE1.


Issue: When attempting to download an HFF recording, the error message “Issue was encountered with one or more files. The file(s) may contain harmful code or content and have been removed from the recording. You can still view the recording without the file(s).” is received.

Resolution: With Live Meeting Service release 9.1 QFE1, the error message does not appear and HFF recordings can be downloaded.

Issue: The wait time for viewing downloaded recordings was occasionally too long for High Fidelity recordings that contain Video/Panoramic-Video.

Resolution: With Live Meeting Service 9.1 QFE1, improvements have been made that result in faster viewing times for HFF recordings with video/panoramic-video.

Web Console

Issue: A user who is trying to join Live Meeting by using the Web console gets a digital signature expiration error.

Resolution: With Live Meeting Service 9.1 QFE1, no digital signature expiration error is encountered when joining a meeting by using the Web console.


Issue: In certain scenarios where a meeting is configured to use VOIP or PSTN audio, the playback of the recording does not contain some audio.

Resolution: With the Live Meeting Service Release 9.1 QFE1, audio is recorded for the entire length of the recording.

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