Unused spot colors

Your publication's color palette includes spot-color inks that are not used in the publication. When you print the publication as separations, a separate plate is printed for each spot-color ink, whether it is used or not. 

Automatic fix

Delete Unused Spot Colors     Click this to delete the unused spot color inks. Fix this problem manually if you want to select which design elements are converted to specific spot colors.

Manual fix

Use one of the manual fixes if you don't want to delete all or any unused inks. To fix this problem manually, do one of the following:

Delete a spot color ink

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Commercial Printing Tools, and then click Color Printing.

  2. Click the Inks tab.

  3. Point to the spot color ink that you want to delete, click the arrow, and then click Delete.

Print plates only for the spot-color inks that are in use

Use this technique if you are doing a number of press runs and you want to check colors with a limited press run before you print all the colors.

  1. On the File menu, click Print, and then click the Printer Details tab.

  2. Click Advanced Printer Setup, and then click the Separations tab.

  3. Under Output, in the Print colors as list, select Separations.

  4. In the These plates list, select Used inks only.

  5. Click OK, and then print the separations.

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