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Why can't I delete a form?

When you save an item receipt, a cash purchase, a vendor bill, a vendor credit memo, or a vendor payment, it is posted, so it cannot be deleted. If you need to redo a posted form, you can edit it or void it. Voiding creates a reverse posting with the same financial date, so the transaction is financially removed from the ledger, but you have an audit trail. After you void a form, you can create a duplicate that you can edit.

Why don't payment methods include debit cards?

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 does not include debit as a payment method.

I purchase the same items from the same vendors on a regular basis. Is there a method to reuse information?

If you have recurring transactions, you can copy and edit to reuse the information without entering it again.

  1. On the Vendors menu, point to Vendor Lists, and then select a form type.

  2. Double-click the form that you want to copy.

  3. On the File menu, click Copy and Edit. The new form opens with the vendor information and line items from the original. It has a new number, and the date is set to the current date.

  4. Enter any new information on the form.

  5. On the toolbar, click Save and Close.

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