Troubleshoot phone logs in Business Contact Manager

What happens if I make a phone call to an Account that has no linked Business Contact?

When you make a phone call to an Account that is not linked to a Business Contact record, the phone log is automatically linked to the Account record.

When I close the phone log, does the timer automatically stop?

When you save and close a phone log, Business Contact Manager for Outlook stops the timer and the total duration is automatically added to the form.

I want to use Outlook to make my phone call. How do I create a phone log for that call?

  1. To place a call from an Account, Business Contact, or Opportunityrecord, in the Communicate group, click Call, and then select the type of call you want to make.

  2. In the Communicate group, click New History Item, and then click Phone Log.

How do I create a phone log if I don't use Outlook to make my phone call?

If you make the phone call yourself, you can create a phone log and link it manually to an Account, Business Contact, or Opportunity record.

  1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Phone Log.

  2. In the Business phone log section, identify the subject and type of phone call.

  3. In the Call time section, enter the start date and time, and when the call is completed, the total duration of the call.

  4. In the Linked account, business contact, opportunity or project section, click the Link To button to link the phone log to one or more records in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

    Tip: To select adjacent names, press the SHIFT key, and then click the first and last name. To select nonadjacent names, press the CTRL key and then click the individual names.

  5. In the Record date and time section, the date and time of your phone call will be entered automatically as soon as you save the phone log.

  6. In the Comments box, type your notes.

    If you want to record the date and time that you typed the comments, click the Add Time Stamp button.

  7. In the Actions group, click Save & Close.

    Note: To print a phone log before closing it, click the Microsoft Office Button Office button image , and then click Print.

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