Track and print the results of an email poll

When you create and send an email poll to others, you may want to track and print the results. You can either quickly copy the voting results into a blank Word document or a new email, or copy them into Excel so you can work with the data later.

  1. In Outlook, in the Sent Items folder, open the email message you sent that contains the voting poll.

  2. Click Message > Tracking.

    Tip:  The Tracking button doesn’t appear until at least one vote has been cast.

    Track votes from a poll

  3. To print the results of the poll, do one of the following:

    • For a quick print, press Alt + Print Screen (PrtScrn) on the keyboard, and then do one of the following;

      • In Word, click Blank document, and then click Paste.

      • In Outlook, click Home >New Email, and then click Paste.

        Click File > Print, specify a printer, and then click Print.

    • To sort and work with the data results in Excel, first do this:

      1. Click Message > Tracking.

      2. On the keyboard, press and hold Ctrl, and then click and drag the mouse to select all names and responses in the list.

      3. On the keyboard, press Ctrl + C.

      4. Open Excel and choose Blank workbook.

      5. Right-click the top-left cell, and then click Paste.

        Right-click and choose Paste

    • To adjust the columns to fit the text, place the cursor between the column headers and double-click.

      Click between columns A and B, and then double-click

      Click File > Print, specify a printer, and then click Print.

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