Sync Online Payee Wizard: options and information

If you did not perform the online payee sync when you set up online banking in the Set Up Online Banking Wizard, you can use the Sync Online Payee Wizard to perform the sync later. You can also use the Sync Online Payee Wizard to update records even if you synchronized payees and vendors during setup.

Note: We recommend that you sync online payees that you have previously configured with your bank to vendors in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. If you don't, you will have to add your vendors as new online payees when you pay bills online from Office Accounting 2009, which will lead to duplicate online payees at your bank.

Start the wizard

  • On the Banking menu, point to Bank Online, and then click Sync Online Payees.

Wizard pages

Select a bank



Bank Name

Click the Bank Name arrow, and then select the bank whose online payees you want to link to Accounting 2009 vendors.

Map online payees to vendors in Office Accounting

To sync online payees to Accounting 2009 vendors, for an online payee, click the arrow under Vendors, and then select the vendor that matches the payee.



Update Payees

Click to update the list of online payees.

Note: If you have previously used the wizard, we suggest you click Update Payees before making any changes.

Online Payees

Displays online payees that you have already configured with your bank.


Displays your Accounting 2009 vendors.

If you have never synchronized online payees with your Accounting 2009 vendors, the default selection under Vendors is Add as a vendor.

If you previously synced online payees with vendors, the list displays the selections you made at that time. To change the vendor, click the Vendor arrow, and then select a vendor or select Add as a vendor. If you do not want to map a vendor, click Do not map this payee.

Online payee setup overview

The Online payee setup overview page applies your updates and displays the results of the sync process.

To close the wizard, click Finish.

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