Switch to Excel from Sheets

Making the switch from Google Sheets to Excel for the web? This guide answers some of the most common questions to help you make a smooth transition.

Note: Features and information in this guide apply to Excel as available through Office 365.

Excel for the web in a web browser, and the Excel desktop app

With Excel and Office 365, you can create and edit a spreadsheet in two ways:

  1. Use Excel for the web in a web browser for easy collaboration.

  2. Use the Excel desktop app for more functionality.

Can I work with others on the same spreadsheet?

After you click a file to open it, just click Share in the upper-right. You can also work together on the file at the same time in Excel for the web. This is called co-authoring and is possible with mobile devices as well.

Share button

What's the main difference between Excel for the web and Google Sheets?

The main difference is that once you open a file, there is a row of tabs across the top instead of a toolbar and menus. The row of tabs is called the ribbon and all of your buttons and tools are there.

Home, Insert, Data, View tabs in Excel for the web

Additional differences*



Google Sheets


  • Share files from your browser or desktop

  • Co-author from your browser or desktop

  • Chat with your teammates as you work

  • Protect files with passwords

  • Share files from your browser

  • Co-author from your browser

  • Chat with your teammates as you work


  • Edit offline

  • Edit offline in Chrome


  • Format using conditional formatting, Styles, Themes, and color schemes

  • Format using conditional formatting, fonts, and spacing


  • Add formulas, PivotTables, text, images, and recommended charts

  • Auto-populate cells (Flashfill)

  • Create data visualizations (Charts, including Pivot Charts, and SmartArt)

  • Write macros

  • Use quick analysis tools, connect to external data sources, and create data models

  • Write directly in a file with Inking

  • Templates

  • Add formulas, text, images, and charts

  • Write macros

  • Templates

*Differences are based on G-Suite Basic Edition and Microsoft's Office 365 E3 plan as of May 2017.

With Office, you can use Excel for the web from any web browser, or you can seamlessly switch to Excel on your desktop for rich editing features.

For more information, see What's new in Office 365.

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