Support Control Panel

User Name. Name supplied by the user upon entry into the meeting.

Status. Join status in the meeting. Dynamically updated when the user disconnects.

Browser/OS. Participant's Internet browser type, browser version number, and operating system version.

Java. Version of the Java software being used in conjunction with the Web-based Live Meeting console. This setting only displays if a participant has used the Web-based console to connect to the meeting.

Transport/From. Transport type and IP address of the machine from which the user is connecting to the meeting.

Show Details. Opens a new browser window with details about the selected user.

End Session. Ends the meeting and disconnects all users from the meeting.

Disconnect User. Disconnects the selected user from the meeting.

Done. Closes the Support Control Panel.

If invited users have connected to the meeting, but have not yet supplied the information necessary to join the meeting, an entry for each of these users appears without a user name in the Support Control Panel.

You must use the scroll bar on the right side of the control panel to view and use Show Details, End Session, and Disconnect User.

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