Sort data in a range

  1. Pick a cell to sort on:

    • If your data has a heading row, pick the heading you want to sort on, such as "Population."

      Select the heading cell for the column

    • If your data doesn’t have a heading row, pick the topmost value you want to sort on, such as 452084.

      Select the topmost data cell for the column

  2. On the Data tab, pick one of the sort methods:

    • Sort Ascending to sort A to Z, smallest to largest, or earliest to latest date.

    • Sort Descending to sort Z to A, largest to smallest, or latest to earliest date.

Sort Ascending and Sort Descending

More about sorting

If your data is in a table, you get the arrows at the top of columns that you can also use to filter your data. To learn how to convert your data to a table and then sort it, see Sort data in a table.

If you have the Excel desktop application on your computer, you can sort on multiple columns, sort by custom lists, or by cell color or a conditional format that's applied to cells. However, you can't do these in Excel Online.

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