Share your notes

OneNote for Mac offers you several options for sharing your notes depending on whether you want others to be able to collaborate with you, or if you just want them to read your notes.

To share a notebook for collaborating:

  1. Click File > Share > Get a Sharing Link > View and Edit.

  2. You have the choice to copy the link, or email the link, which will paste the sharing link into your default mail client.

    Note:  OneNote for Mac works with either Outlook for Mac or the Mail app.

View and edit link

To share a notebook for reading only, click File > Share > Get a Sharing Link > View. This option allows your viewer to see the latest changes that are stored on OneDrive.

You can also share a read only version of your notes by emailing it as a PDF or HTML file. We recommend using these options if you don’t plan on changing the content on the page.

To email your page as a PDF or HTML file, click File > Share, and choose the file type.

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