Share your document in Word 2016 for Windows

In Word 2016 for Windows, it's easier than ever to share your documents. When you share your files by using OneDrive or SharePoint Online for Office 365, you can invite people to the document directly from within Word, or send a PDF or Word file as an email attachment.

Share your document via OneDrive or SharePoint

Share a document when you're ready.

  1. Open your Word document, and choose the Share tab on the right side of the menu bar.


  2. If you haven't saved your document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online for Office 365, you'll be prompted to do so now.

    Image of Save to Cloud command

    Choose Save to Cloud, enter a file name, and choose a location to save your document.

  3. Once your document is saved to a shared location, you can invite others to work on it. In the Invite people box, enter the email address of the person you'd like to share to. If you already have the person's contact info stored, you can just enter their name.

    To share with more than one person, use semicolons to separate the names or email addresses.

    Share with people

Share a copy or PDF your document by email

You can send your document as an attachment—as a copy or as a PDF— to an email message.

  1. Open your Word document, and choose the Share tab on the right side of the menu bar.

    The Share icon is highlighted on the right side of the ribbon

  2. In the Share pane, choose Send as attachment.

    Image of the "Send as Attachment" command

  3. Choose either Send a copy or Send a PDF.

    Image of the two options in the Share Pane for emailing a document as a copy or as a PDF

    Note: A new email message will open in your default email client, with a copy or a PDF of your document already attached.

  4. In the To box, add the recipient's email address, include a message, and then choose Send.

To learn how to work together online in a document and see everyone's changes as they happen, see Collaborate on Word documents with real-time co-authoring.

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